About Us


Senior Barman Entertainment Limited is one of the premier event planning and entertainment companies in Nigeria’s South Eastern region. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Senior Barman, the company has emerged as a prominent figure in showbiz planning, club management, and beverage supply.

Chijioke’s career trajectory led him to collaborate with notable figures in the industry, including Chief Francis Obasi, the CEO of Toscana Group of Hotels, where he honed his skills in event planning, club management, and hospitality services.

Services Offered:

1. Event Planning: Senior Barman Entertainment Limited specializes in meticulously planning and executing a wide array of events, ranging from concerts and parties to corporate gatherings and weddings. With a keen eye for detail and a flair for creativity, the company ensures that each event is tailored to exceed client expectations.

2. Hotel Management: Leveraging its expertise in hospitality services, Senior Barman Entertainment Limited offers comprehensive hotel management solutions. From optimizing operations to enhancing guest experiences, the company is committed to delivering unparalleled service standards.

3. Entertainment: As a leading player in the entertainment industry, Senior Barman Entertainment Limited curates unforgettable entertainment experiences. Whether it’s booking top-tier artists, organizing electrifying performances, or creating immersive thematic experiences, the company elevates the entertainment quotient of every event.


Senior Barman Entertainment Limited is driven by a steadfast commitment to redefine the standards of entertainment and hospitality in the southeastern region of Nigeria. Through innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the company aims to leave an indelible mark on the industry landscape.


With a vision to revolutionize the entertainment industry, Senior Barman Entertainment Limited aspires to become the go-to destination for premium event planning, hotel management, and entertainment services in Nigeria and beyond. By continuously pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks, the company endeavours to shape the future of entertainment.


Senior Barman Entertainment Limited stands at the forefront of the entertainment industry, epitomizing excellence, creativity, and professionalism. Under the visionary leadership of Senior Barman, the company continues to soar to greater heights, setting new standards of innovation and distinction in the world of showbiz.